Benefits of a COLORBOND Roof.

Benefits of a Colorbond Roof vs Concrete Tiles


Installations of COLORBOND® roofs have increased significantly in recent years.

COLORBOND steel has provided the Australian Market with a product that has given performance and dependability for more than 40 years, Today COLORBOND steel is seen as one of the worlds leading innovators when it comes to building materials, giving all trades and customers an endless range of benefits for today and tomorrow.


It’s important to understand the qualities of a COLORBOND® roof in order to make an informed decision suitable for your particular home.

Benefits of Colorbond – our top 10 reasons to choose Colorbond® steel over concrete tiles

Benefits of Colorbond and why to choose Colorbond over concrete tiles

1. Environmentally friendly: Steel roofing material is manufactured from up to 75% recycled steel, and when the time comes it is 100% recyclable when removed.

2. Lightweight Construction: Steel roofing is nearly 8 times lighter per square metre when compared to standard roof tiles. This reduces load bearing on your roof frame, this ultimately improves the life span of your roof.

3. Durable: Steel roofing warranties can exceed 25 years however the average life expectancy of a steel roof is between 40 to 70 years. This makes steel roofing your ultimate home investment. Also unlike tiles, steel roofing has been designed to withstand harsh and even cyclonic conditions. It is the only roofing product used in towns prone to cyclonic and extreme weather conditions such as in the Northwest of WA and NT.

4. Selection: Thanks to Colorbond® steel roofing is available in an almost infinite selection of colours and profiles. In some cases custom colours and styles can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements. Unlike tiles it can also be used as a strong, adaptable and appealing wall cladding, once again proving the great benefits of Colorbond.

Benefits of Colorbond and why to choose Colorbond over concrete tiles

5. Thermal Efficiency: Steel roofing reflects sunlight (in lighter colours) to reduce heat transmission into your home. It can also be used with a thermal thick Anticon insulation blanket underneath the sheeting; this process cannot be used with tiled roofing.

6. Installation: Steel roofing is easy to install and when properly installed can outlast your home, the average steel roof can be installed as quickly as 1-2 days.

7. Strength: Unlike terracotta and concrete tiles they can easily crack if not walked on correctly resulting in a roof leak. Steel roofing will not split or crack and will remain watertight.

8. Easy to Repair: Should your steel roof require repair for any reason the ease of replacement of sheets and flashings can be relatively easy and in most cases relatively cheap.

9. Cost Effective: The biggest benefits of Colorbond is the Overall the cost. A new Colorbond steel roof is relatively cheap varying from around $50-60 p/m2 and approximately  $75-$120 p/m2 for a re-roof (tiles taken off and a steel roof put on).

10. Easy to Maintain: Maintaining a Color bond home is easy and doesn’t involve you having to crawl around your roof trying to dust off those awkward spots. By regularly rinsing your colour bond steel roof with clean fresh water can not only prolong its life but also maintain its attractiveness for longer periods.

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