Danpal – Innovative Light Architecture Systems

Danpal are the creators of exceptional light-transmitting architectural systems. They have always delighted with amazing solutions for optimal solar and thermal comfort. It has been now more than 3 decades of their groundbreaking systems, which have assisted in transforming light including artificial and natural into a versatile and powerful tool.

Today, they offer an appreciable amount of complete systems. They have a range of daylight systems for all kinds of building needs such as cladding, interior and outdoor applications, skylights, facades, shading and roofs.


Danpal Everbright Roofing System

Providing an enormous amount of outstanding solutions for light transmission used globally, Danpal now introduced Everbright Roofing. This is a unique and strong self-supporting building solution, developed for easy installation.

The system is manufactured with 74mm deep panels, which provide soft but naturally diffused light and offera  degree of transparency. With so many incredible features, it is regarded to be the strongest translucent system in the world.

It can free span up to 12m in curved applications with no intermediate framing. Danpal – Everbright is easy to assemble as a dry-glazed system, enormously reducing onsite construction times. This system offers excellent thermal insulation and superior fire performance. It is available in a vast range amount of colors making to easy to find somethign suitable for your building.

Key benefits of Danpal Everbright

  • High Insulation
  • Rigid and Safe
  • Excellent Fire Performance
  • Waterproof
  • Easy Installation
  • Straight and Curved
  • Large Spans
  • Roofs and Walls
  • 74mm Thickness

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Supply and Install of Danpal Everbright System at HBF Stadium Perth


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