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We break down how much it cost to get your roof replaced

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How Much Does a New Roof or Roof Replacement Cost? – Let’s take a look!


Firstly the size of your house will establish how many meters there is to cover which will determine the supply of the product. When receiving your free quote from us we will also assess the shape of your house and roof structure.  This will ensure we can tailor your needs as best as possible.


Roof replacement – Concrete tiles to Colorbond steel
The quote below is based on a single story 230 sqm roof 
which can be broken into 7 steps for you to understand.
1. The removal of all existing tiles from the roof.
2. The removal of flashings, downpipes, valleys, gutters & tile battens.
3. Secure the roof frame to your house structure through J rods and hokop iron straps.
4. Install battens and gutters.
5. Install insulation.
6 Install roof sheeting in this case it’s .48bmt Colorbond Custom Orb.
7 Install flashing, flumes and any additional roof accessories (i.e whirly birds).

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