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Is your roof looking tired?
Are the tiles cracked and fading?
It’s time for a roof replacement

Let’s get your property looking modern with a roof replacement.

We’ll remove your old roof and replace it with a new Colorbond sheet metal roof.

Why Get Your Roof Replaced?

Curb Appeal

Realtors estimate that as much as 40% of your home’s curb appeal is directly linked to your roof.

Property Value

A new roof increases your property value. A modern design will also make your home easier to sell.

Reduces Cost

Allows your systems (insulation, ventilation, air conditioner) to work effectively and drive down costs.

Why Choose Sheet Metal Over Tiles?



Colorbond® steel roofing is available in an almost infinite selection of colours and profiles including the NEW matte finishes.

Cost Effective

Overall the cost of a new steel roof is relatively cheap varying from $75-$120 p/m2.


Steel roofing is nearly 8 times lighter. Reduces load bearing on your roof frame. Perfect if you are going to do future renovations

Top 10 reasons why a Colorbond Sheet Metal Roof is the perfect options for your roof and a better option than tiles.

You may be surprised by point 6.


Colorbond have 5 key aspects to why you should truly consider its product for your home. Firstly its Tested in Australian weather conditions and designed for Australian homes It has the best Energy and Environmental Benefits. It’s super Easy to Maintain and is backed by Bluescope’s 25 year warranty. Read more about Colorbond and see the full range of colours here.


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We aspire to be at the top when it comes to Experience, Safety, Quality Workmanship and Quality Products. With the core values we hold along with Colorbond steel product’s we aim to give your home the finest renovation design possible. We hope to inspire and stimulate the feeling of being in a new home. Read more about Appeal roofing here.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Roof Replaced?
Colorbond Sheet Metal v Tiles. All The Facts You Need.